Our Design Team

Computer Creations is a Graphic Art and Website Design Company established in 2001

Kathleen Converti Redman

Kathleen Converti Redman has been designing graphic art since 1998 and began Computer Creations in 1999 after graduating with an associate degree from Eastern Arizona College.

Over the years Kathleen expanded her business from Graphic Arts and added Website Design in 2002. She enjoys working closely with her clients, some of whom have been with her for many years.

Carolyn Converti Philippe

Kathleen's daughter, Carolyn Converti Philippe works alongside Kathleen, bringing several years of experience as our Website and Internet Marketing Wiz. Carolyn graduated from the Teen Mania Honor Academy in 2004 and then attended Gila Community College for 2 years with her study of Graphic Arts and Website Design and Photography. She followed it with 2 years at Oral Roberts University where she excelled in finance and operations and received her Journalism Broadcasting Certificate from the Leadership Institute. Carolyn has experience in the development of website ordering systems with updated technology and SEO marketing, which is a very tedious task that requires various skills and experience.

Like the rest of the family, Carolyn has an eye for artistic design and detail, which makes her a great asset to Computer Creations Graphic Arts as well as our sister business, CJM Certificates. Carolyn has expanded our line to include many different Memorial Certificates and Certificates of Appreciation at the CJM Certificates website.

Our Story

Computer Creations began when Kathleen's five daughters were young. Finding herself as a single mother she went back to college. Prioritizing her girls, she desired to work from home so she could better meet the needs of her family, and thus began building her home business before graduation in 1999 with an Associate Degree from Eastern Arizona College.

Kathleen has built both, Computer Creations Graphic Art and Website Design as well as her sister business, CJM Certificates, where she designs Certificates of Service showing military experience and awards for our service members and veterans and Certificates of Appreciation for our Military and their Families. You can see these designs at https://www.cjmcertificates.com.

In 2002 Kathleen joined ranks with Cory J. Matthews, affectionately called "Corky" of CJM Certificates. CJM Certificates provides personalized and custom designed Military Certificates to active and veteran servicemen and women and those who honor them.

Kathleen provides the design-work for the certificates, all advertising including several magazine publications, brochures and website development. She fills all of the certificate orders as they come in, adding medals, ribbons and badges, always expanding and improving the certificate designs.

A few years before Corky passed away, he handed over the reins of this business to Kathleen and she has since expanded the design offerings even further. We now offer Certificates of Appreciation for Veterans and their families, such as a church, business or organization would present on Veteran's Day or at a High School Reunion.

We also design Certificates of Appreciation to be presented to Military Wives, Husbands, Children and others who have made it possible for our Service Men and Women to serve, by running the household single-handedly, often making many sacrifices along the way. These Certificates of Appreciation are often presented at retirement ceremonies.

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