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About Us:

Computer Creations is a graphic art and website design company established in 2001.

As a Graphic Artist and Webmaster, Kathleen Redman (formerly Converti) has been doing graphic art since 1998 and began Computer Creations in 1999.

Kathleen Redman

Computer Creations began when Kathleen's five daughters were young. Finding herself as a single mother she went back to college. Prioritizing her girls, she desired to work from home so she could better meet the needs of her family, and thus began building her home business before graduation in 1999.

Over the years Kathleen expanded her business from Graphic Arts and added Website Design in 2002. She enjoys working closely with her clients, some of whom have been with her for many years.

In 2002 Kathleen joined ranks with Cory J. Matthews, affectionately called "Corky" of CJM Certificates, now CJM Military Certificates. CJM Military Certificates provides personalized and custom designed Military Certificates to active and veteran servicemen and women.

CJM Military Certificates also develops Appreciation Certificates for Military Wives and Family Members and boasts quite a portfolio of Medals Certificates and those with Custom Designs.

Kathleen provides the design-work for the certificates, all advertising including several magazine publications, brochures and website development. She fills all of the certificate orders as they come in and continues to add medals, badges, ribbons and military symbols of various kinds to her library, always expanding and improving the certificates.

CJM Military Certificates is expanding as the only company to provide individually personalized award displays showing a persons medals, ribbons, badges, patches and experience, which is more than most shadow boxes can contain.

We also offer Certificates of Appreciation for Veteran's and their families, even such as a church or organization would give on Veteran's Day or at a High School Reunion. You can visit the website at

We are located in Payson, Arizona, a small town nestled in the mountains below the majestic Mogollon Rim. The Mogollon Rim is an escarpment from east to west across the state of Arizona that varies in height from 7000 to 8000 feet that presents a dramatic drop of over 2000 feet to the communities below. The Rim Country of Arizona is covered in forest and grass land, and has been the home to Native Americans, cowboys, ranchers, farmers, hunters, fishermen, and nature lovers for centuries. It is a land of extreme beauty, natural endowments, and historical significance.

Mogollon Rim as seen from Payson, Arizona


Phone: (928) 978-0729

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