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Graphic Artist Kathleen Redman produces high-quality advertising layouts and various marketing materials, media packets, brochures, posters, diagrams, certificates for military awards, certificates of appreciation etc., magazine ad layouts, custom business cards and websites.

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One of our specialties is our Military Certificates, Custom Personalized Awards and Appreciation Certificates. We offer Appreciation Certificates for Military Wives and Family Members as well as those for Awards, Promotions, Graduations and Honor Ceremonies. We have a great certificate to give to honor Veterans who are members of your church or organization. These certificates make great gifts for any occasion. For a full view of our Certificate Line click theMilitary Certificates link to the left. SCROLL DOWN for the Appreciation and Award Certificates.


An exciting marketing program is a competitive advantage to a business owner. Kathleen understands the mechanics of marketing to best bring attention to your layout. Your advertisement or website should "hook" your visitors into reading the details and small print, each step leading on to the sale.

Website optimization for the search engines is built into the website as it is being built, eliminating the need for future SEO optimization. Depending on the competition in your field, website optimization will give you a head start in getting you up on that first page of Yahoo and Google, the main "top dogs" out there. Not only is your home page optimized but every main page of your site, thus giving you the opportunity for your visitors to arrive from many keywords and phrases in their search that pertains to the subject matter they are looking for. After they arrive they have the opportunity of searching through your site and visiting for a while, which then leads to more sales.

A cost effective way to simply get your business online when you can't afford a full-blown website an option might be a one-page "flyer" website, which can be further developed and expanded as your budget allows.

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